Yasmin Lucien this will be an on-going blog as i get read to tell my story .and show my gratitude and its going to be on my blog both on the…/tetrykx-go-distance… and offcouse  where you will be able to read about my my life ..thank you everyone who will support me in my aims to bless folk with my style of music …to those who on their grind like i am . i say to you press on .when you feel like quiting just remember why to start .be persistant . work whiles they sleep . be you always .the world has enough replicas already .help eachother out. if you want to impact the world with your craft then you have to demonstrate that your craft is you and you are your craft . to many speak left and walk right . everyone else .we all have a part to do in this world .we have a broken system and talking about reading about it wathc it will not change it .ladies and gents my thoughts and prayers are with and for you all that you may ahciech all your goals and find love and that peace that passeth all understanding .blessinngs all tetrykx …… to continue

Tetrykx – Take That Chance

 Tetrykx About To Start Mastering Latest Project After The Storm

When it comes to being musically inclined, Tetrykx’s breaking into the music business and striving to make a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to impactful performances and styles, the music’s speaking for itself and people are listening. Don’t sleep on Tetrykx because the musician might just have something up his sleeve that’s purely unexpected.

The Edinburgh, Scotland resident started to produce in 2013 and took a short hiatus in 2014. Once 2016 came into view Tetrykx released his singles “Ghetto Life” and “About Time” in February and May, respectively. “Ghetto Life” was nominated and won Akademia Music Awards’ best rap/reggae song for the month of March 2016. With the buzz generated from such a noteworthy project, he introduced the world to his 3 track EP titled Revenge Is In The Music that features his acclaimed single.

Tetrykx’s working on his newest project, a 6 track EP titled After The Storm, that has many of the songs prepping for mastering. Additionally he has collaborations with artists and musicians from across the globe. Everyday he’s continually learning the business, perfecting his craft, and seeking music placements and performance opportunities. His goal’s to help people via motivation through his music and inspire them to achieve what they set their mind on.


Music Review for Tetrykx – Ghetto Life

The piano highlighted in this track from the start gives it an immediate feeling of a sort of raw, disjointed, jazz-like, musical artistry. You get that piano rhythm in your mind straight away, and it stays with you throughout the track. The vocal is unusually placed within the mix, in that it’s not the kind of thing often heard � the use of reverb is quite unique in this setting, this genre, but it sounds great.

The music has a great vibe to it, at times it sounds like a combination of a few different tracks, a live sounding sort of effect, like a live mix, or a festival track. Once you start really listening, you get to notice how beautiful some of the lines are. �There’s a way out.. Hard work and education is the key.. You must be determined..� There’s a lot of positivity in there, a lot of good messages, plus a great sounding melody in that essential hook � it grabs you and keeps your attention. The whole track is quite unique really, at first it feels like a summer mix, a good vibes piece of music, but once you really get involved and listen intently � there’s a lot about it that is fresh, good hearted, and utterly quite important when it comes to music as a messenger.

The lead vocal has a well rounded and warm sound to it, in terms of tone, and the relaxed nature of the performance � there are some moments of real passion, but it’s not screamed at you, it’s presented through the music. Towards the end of the track the mix sounds a little manic, it builds to a climax, then the spoken word style vocal comes back in � there’s a strange sort of futuristic vibe to it at this point, which takes it from being a nostalgic summer track, to a brand new piece of art and entertainment, with meaning, and depth. It’s the kind of artist I’m sure many, many people would show up to for a live show, again that festival feeling; definitely a set to draw attention and draw a crowd.

 By�Rebecca Cullen

Exclusive Interview�with�Tetrykx

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